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We're shaping the way children learn

The most important years of a child's life for building cognition, character and identity are the first five. It's during these critical years that up to 85% of key developmental abilities are formed, so early childhood education offers incredible potential for growth. 

The Susan and Rabbi Harold Loss Early Childhood Center is dedicated to maximizing all children’s potential. Our experienced team of educators are here to nurture your child's creative, cognitive, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. Our play-based curriculum is child centered and flexible.

Temple Israel's Early Childhood program is an exciting and enriching early childhood program full of daily hands-on experiences for children 20 months-5 years old. Our Early Childhood Center is designed to meet the social, emotional, physical, and academic needs of all children, and is available Monday - Friday from 9 AM - Noon or 9 AM - 2:30 PM. (Aftercare and early care options are available; please call for more information).

Temple Israel West Bloomfield - Early Childhood / Preschool

"We feel privileged to be part of an environment that is so supportive. It's rewarding to see the transformation of each child at the end of the year!"
- Lois, Temple Israel Early Childhood Teacher 

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MOU - Movin’ On Up

For children ages 20 months and above, that are not old enough to start our Toddler program.

Movin’ On Up is a very special year, as it is a child’s first school experience. Children are often leaving their family for the first time, which for some may be a difficult transition. These little ones are greeted with love, patience, warmth, and a whole lot of exciting age-appropriate activities and experiences. Children are encouraged to play, explore, investigate, and interact with the things and the people around them. Hands-on learning and a variety of sensory experiences (often messy ones) make MOU the perfect introduction to our Early Childhood Program.

Toddler Program

Children ages 24 months and above as of September 1.

Our Toddler program is an intentionally planned year of social and emotional learning. Through play-based lessons and experiences, children begin to interact with each other and their surroundings. Students are encouraged to take chances, and participate in classroom decisions and plans. We encourage independence and practice self-care. As our toddlers begin to strengthen their fine and gross motor abilities, our experienced teachers will introduce more challenging opportunities hands-on learning and growth.

Preschool Program

Children ages 36 months and above as of September 1.

Preschool is a year of tremendous change. Again, our intentionally planned play-based curriculum encourages exploration and taking chances. Children begin the year developing and strengthening prior learning and skills. They really begin to flourish as they are encouraged to be independent and to participate in group learning and imaginary play. Beginning writing skills, math concepts and reading activities are gradually introduced as teachers scaffold learning through open-ended and age-appropriate lessons and opportunities. Gross motor and fine motor skills are taught and practiced, and by the end of the year, these children are ready for a Pre-K experience.

Pre-K Program

Children ages 4 years and above as of September 1.

Pre-K is an exciting opportunity for children to really practice and strengthen prior learning and skills. Intentionally planned lessons and activities are planned around the Zoophonics and Handwriting Without Tears curricula while maintaining a play-based environment. These students are learning to read, practicing emergent writing, and putting together number concepts and experiences as they are challenged with a more academic curriculum. All of the objectives and learning outcomes teachers create are based on Michigan Early Learning Program Standards, and are intended to prepare children for kindergarten.

Just a typical day at the ecc

In addition to their regular homeroom class, each week all of our children enjoy special time with their Hebrew teacher, their music teacher, their science teacher, and their gym/yoga instructor. Our children visit the Hodari Media Center for library story hour. Each child receives their own library card, so they may check out Jewish books to take home and share with their families. 

Our goal is to create a loving, safe and nurturing environment where each child's social growth is enhanced by curiosity and learning. Some of the educational methods we use include:

  • Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum: We use materials like Zoo-Phonics, Handwriting Without Tears, and Everyday Math to encourage our young learners.
  • Customized Learning: Since children need to grow and develop at their own speed, we designed our curriculum to challenge and stimulate children’s interests and meet all learners’ needs..
  • Positive Reinforcement: We’re here to encourage every child to cultivate a love of learning, so that they look forward to coming to school each day. We want your kids to love their ECC program as much as we love teaching.
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