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Our Mission

The mission of the Goodman Family Judaic & Archival Museum at Temple Israel is to preserve our cherished heritage. The Temple Israel Museum & Fine Arts Committee supports the Museum as a way to enrich the lives of our Temple families.

Thanks to funding provided by the Goodman Family Judaica Museum Fund, we’re able to collect, preserve and exhibit articles from antiquity to modern times that represent the historical, artistic and cultural development of the Jewish people.

Our Collections

Our lovingly collected artifacts demonstrate how Jewish art is firmly rooted to ritual and bound to spiritual life.

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Next time you’re at Temple, come visit us in the Wasserman Atrium to enjoy the ever-changing exhibits. Questions? Please contact Mimi Marcus or call 248-661-5700.

Current Exhibit

Chuck Fishman Photographs

The photographs in the exhibit are drawn from and supplementing Chuck Fishman’s book, Polish Jews: The Final Chapter (1977), it presents an in-depth, photographic look at the state of Jewish life in Poland from the mid-1970s to 2016, a dwindling remnant of a once vibrant community. Jews had survived near-annihilation under Nazism.

With the passing of four decades, however, the narrative has radically changed. The fall of Communism has engendered a transformative rebirth, a ‘return to identity’ among many young Poles discovering hidden Jewish roots. The renewal of Jewish life in Poland is an extraordinary story that has its roots in the preservation and continuation of Jewish life under Communism.

For information and questions, please contact Mimi Marcus or call 248-661-5700.

Goodman Museum - Chuck Fishman Photographs

Past Exhibits

Other Past Exhibits

More coming soon!

  • Marian Slepian – Colorful Cloisonne
  • Galil Threadworks 
  • One Faith – Two Visions & Peace through Humor
  • Dan & Stacy Givon – Silverworks 
  • David Moss Hagaddah  
  • Stars of David: Jews in the World of Sports
  • Catskills of the Midwest: The Jewish Resort Era in South Haven
  • Yiddish Theatre
  • Richard Margolis, Family Gatherings

Donations and Dedications

Part of the mission of the Goodman Family Judaic & Archival Museum at Temple Israel is to acquire and preserve a permanent collection, a legacy to be inherited by Temple Israel generations to come.

Through the generosity of the Goodman Family Judaica Museum Fund and many Temple members, we have started a beautiful collection that is continuing to expand.

Are you looking for a special way to honor someone you love? Consider dedicating a beautiful piece of Judaic artwork. By making a gift to the Museum in honor or in memory of a loved one, or in honor of a life cycle event, you will be part of the continuing legacy of a permanent Judaic collection, which will be enjoyed by Temple Israel for generations to come.

For more information, please contact David Tisdale or call 248-661-5700.

Temple Israel of Michigan - Museum - Wooden Seder Plate

Wooden Seder Plate
By: Lorelei and Alex Gruss

A gift of: Patti & Fred Erlich, Rosanne & Bennett Fienman, Kathy & Harvey Fink, Shari & Stan Finsilver, Barbara Frankel, Teri & Mark Goodman, Barbara & Michael Hechtman, Susie & Mel Linden, Linda & Joe Roberts, Lynn & Harvey Rubin, Judy & Kent Siegel, Yolanda & David Tisdale, and Susan & Hanley Yorke

Tue, June 2 2020 10 Sivan 5780