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David Moss Haggadah

The Goodman Family Judaic & Archival Museum presented framed reproductions of the Moss Haggadah.

The art of the illuminated Haggadah was revived in recent times almost single-handedly by artist and calligrapher, David Moss. In his lavishly illustrated Haggadah, we find a modern reworking of the medieval illuminated Haggadah. Moss says of his work: "I decided my Haggadah would both celebrate and embody the ingathering of our exiles. Just as Israel is drawing together Jews from all our scattered diaspora, so must my Haggadah become a compendium of artistic and literary traditions brought by these communities. In this it is significantly different from a medieval Haggadah, which was always created within a specific local style. By contrast, my Haggadah deliberately brings together the widest possible range of local diaspora traditions. It is neither a Spanish, German, Italian, nor Yemenite Haggadah, although something from each of these communities is to be found among its many sources. Mine is a Haggadah of ingathering."

Above, Moss' theme of ingathering is exemplified in his illustration for the passage in the Haggadah which states that "in each generation each person must see him/herself as if he/she had been redeemed from Egypt." The portraits of the men and women are drawn from the diverse diasporas of the Jewish people through the ages.

Thu, December 7 2023 24 Kislev 5784