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2023 Labor Day Picnic 

09/05/2023 11:39:32 AM


Temple Israel's annual Labor Day picnic was a blast. 

Even with sweltering temperatures, more than a thousand community members stayed cool and enjoyed holiday as Temple pulled out all the stops. 

There were bounce houses for kids, horse and pony rides, train rides, and even a mini carousel. Pizza was provided for all, while watermelon was popular among both the kids and adults as the community came together to celebrate. 

No one stayed cooler than our clergy members and executive director Jason Plotkin, who bravely stepped into the dunktank and took plunge after plunge. 

It was also one of the final events in Temple Israel's outdoor tent space before construction begins on the new permanent pavilion, which will be certainly be a centepiece for the Lador Day Picnic in 2024. 


Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784