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"Temple Kidsrael's musical journey is pure delight; love in a song. See you at Miriam's Well!"

- ShirLaLa

Temple kidsrael - Joyful music for kids

Temple is pleased to announce that our new album of kids’ music is now available at no charge right HERE, or wherever you listen to music. This exciting project provides a whole world of captivating and educational songs for our ECC aged children, along with a brand new book about Israel, and videos to bring the music right into your homes.

The entire Temple Kidsrael project was fully underwritten through a generous gift from the Gottlieb family in loving memory of Stephen Gottlieb. We know this engaging music and inspiring book will share his love of music with countless Temple families.

The Album

Thirteen songs that your children will come to love, and sing for years to come! Temple Kidsrael combines the best known Jewish kids music with upbeat original songs.

We brought in brilliant players both from Nashville and the Detroit scene to make sure everyone in the house loves to put this album on repeat.

Listen to and download the full album at no charge below, or find it wherever you listen to music.

The Book

Eretz Yisrael Sheli, or The Land of Israel is Mine, has been a beloved children’s song in Israel for decades. Along with a fun English version of this Israeli classic, Temple produced a children’s book that can accompany the song, or be read on its own.

Your children will learn new Hebrew words while taking a tour of famous Israeli sites.

For your complimentary copy of Eretz Yisrael Sheli, drop by the Temple office, or email Maya to request a copy be mailed to your home.

Music Videos

Temple teamed up with local director Scott Loudon to create music videos that will engage your kids at home, on a drive, or whenever you could use a quick breather. Check them out below so your family can immerse themselves in Temple’s music and reinforce the Hebrew language, Jewish concepts and love of Israel bursting from Temple Kidsrael.

                   Watch all three videos as a playlist!




You can listen to the entire album here and download individual tracks to your computer or device (except for iPhone). Chrome users on PCs, Macs and Android devices can download the selected track by clicking the menu icon () at the top of the audio player.

You can also download individual tracks here and listen to the album using popular streaming services here.



In loving memory of Stephen Gottlieb z"l


  1. 01.Temple Kidsrael Kids
    Michael Smolash / Jacob Spike Kraus
  2. 02.Modeh Ani
    Michelle Citrin
  3. 03.Wake Up Shema
    Hanna Tiferet Siegel
  4. 04.Love Adonai
    Robbi Sherwin / Sababa
  5. 05.Counting Song
    Michael Smolash / Jacob Spike Kraus
  6. 06.Kum Kum Lei Lei
  7. 07.a place called PEACE
    Neil Michaels
  8. 08.At the Mountainside
    Michael Smolash / Jacob Spike Kraus
  9. 09.Classroom Favorites
    Debbie Friedman / Charlotte Diamond / Folk
  10. 10.Eretz Yisrael Sheli
    Datia Ben-Dor / Michael Smolash
  11. 11.We Sing Shabbat We Sing Shalom
    Ellen Allard
  12. 12.There's a Dinosaur Knocking
    Linda Arnold (adapted: Mimi Greisman & Andi Joseph)
  13. 13.Hamalach Hagoel
    Jacob Spike Kraus


Download individual songs here. WAV files are larger but sound better. MP3 files are smaller and have a little less quality. On a PC, right click the files you want and click "Save link as..."

Song Better Quality Smaller File
Temple Kidsrael Kids WAV MP3
Modeh Ani WAV MP3
Wake Up Shema WAV MP3
Love Adonai WAV MP3
Counting Song WAV MP3
Kum Kum Lei Lei WAV MP3
a place called PEACE WAV MP3
At the Mountainside WAV MP3
Classroom Favorites WAV MP3
Eretz Yisrael Sheli WAV MP3
We Sing Shabbat We Sing Shalom WAV MP3
There's a Dinosaur Knocking WAV MP3
Hamalach Hagoel WAV MP3


More ways to listen

Stream and download the tracks from your favorite music service

Behind-the-scenes photos



Get the booklet (PDF format) with lyrics (in Hebrew and transliterated), pictures, the song list, credits and more!

  Open / Download the PDF

Lyrics / Sheet Music

A Place Called Peace

Lead Sheet

at the MountainSide

Lead Sheet

Hamalach Hagoel

Lead Sheet

Eretz yisrael Sheli (English)

Lead Sheet

Counting song

Lead Sheet

Temple Kidsrael

Lead Sheet


Stephen Gottlieb

Stephen Gottlieb loved music. It was his passion. Had this gifted soul had more time in this world, his parents are sure he would have become a professional musician, and shared his creative spirit with so many.

Sadly, the husband and father of three passed away in 2008. It is thanks to Stephen’s love of music that his parents, Harold z”l and Sarah Gottlieb, established an endowment in excess of $10 million at Temple Israel to create two Cantorial Chairs and an annual summer concert bearing their son’s name.

Temple Kidsrael was fully underwritten through a generous additional gift from the Gottlieb family. It is our hope that this album keeps Stephen’s memory alive for our many Temple families for years to come, connecting them with his great passion: music.


Produced & Mixed by Eric Hoegemeyer at the Aashrum Studio

Co-produced by Zipser Foundation Artist in Residence Jacob Spike Kraus & Cantor Michael Smolash

Mastered by Jim Kissling

Production Coordinator: Maya Grinboim

lead Vocals

Cantor Neil Michaels

Cantor Michael Smolash

Zipser Artist in Residence Jacob Spike Kraus

Rabbi Jen Lader

Congregational Soloist Emma Trivax

Group Vocals

Students and Alumni of Temple Israel’s ECC


James Simonson -- Bass

Todd Glass -- Drums and Percussion

Jacob Groopman -- Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin

Bob Mervak -- Piano, Wurlitzer, Melodica, Rhodes

Chris Codish -- B3, Moog

Jacob Spike Kraus -- Guitar ("We Sing Shabbat" & "Kum Kum Lei Lei"), Glockenspiel

Eric Hoegemeyer -- Kit and Percussion ("Eretz Yisrael Sheli")

Grant Flick -- Violin

Album Artwork

Designed by Casey Wright

eretz yisrael sheli book

Written by Datia Ben Dor

Illustrations by Casey Wright

English Translation by Cantor Michael Smolash


Directed and Edited by Scott Loudon

Director of Photography, Raymond Rivard

Second Camera & Lights, Jake Mulka

Finish Editor, Even Thompson

Thank you to

Sarah Gottlieb & the Gottlieb family, Datia Ben-Dor, Dr. Jen Green, Stephanie Michaels, The Temple Israel Rabbis, the Temple Israel Executive, Scott Loudon, Maya Grinboim, Eric Lindberg, Julie Eisman, Natalie Walls, Rachel Levine, ECC teachers & parents, and all the generous donors who support music at Temple.


"Thank you Cantor Michael Smolash of Temple Israel for this upbeat and accessible album of kid friendly Jewish music."

- Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President URJ

"Temple Kidsrael's musical journey is pure delight; love in a song. See you at Miriam's Well!"

- ShirLaLa


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