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		                                    With One Breath		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description">The Music of Kabbalat Shabbat at Temple Israel<br /><em><small>In loving memory of Stephen Gottlieb</small></em></span>

"Temple Israel’s new CD is filled with gorgeous music that will make your heart sing!"

- Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President URJ

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With One Breath

Kabbalat Shabbat at Temple Israel

In loving memory of Stephen Gottlieb

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Coming Monday, November 18, 2019 at 12 noon! Join us Friday 11/22/2019 at 7:30 PM for a special Kabbalat Shabbat service featuring music and musicians from the album!


Behind the scenes during the making of With One Breath

Lyrics / Sheet Music

For lyrics, please open/download the album booklet (PDF format). Charts are sheet music are below.

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About the Album

Our Journey

Over a decade ago, Temple recorded Kavanat Haruach, introducing Temple’s music to the Reform movement and bringing our compositions and sound to synagogues around the country.

In 2011, we released We Are One, celebrating the energy of Shabbat Unplugged. Once again, Temple’s uplifting worship style reached shuls across the country as they adopted tunes from our own Rabbi Yedwab and co-composer Scott Stern.

With One Breath continues this tradition with a full-length album featuring the most beloved melodies from our current Kabbalat Shabbat services. Featuring thrilling musicians from Detroit, Toronto and Tel Aviv, and the gorgeous voices of our full music team at Temple, listeners are in for a real treat.

We thank Sarah Gottlieb, and warmly remember her husband Harold z”l Gottlieb, who together made this amazing album possible in memory of their beloved son, Stephen.

We hope this project will be a treasured part of Temple’s story, helping new members learn our melodies, inspiring families at special times, or just keeping you company in the car until we see you again on Friday night.

Cantor Michael Smolash
(The Stephen Gottlieb z”l Cantorial Chair)

Cantor Neil Michaels
(The Stephen Gottlieb z”l Cantorial Chair)

Kabbalat Shabbat Music WIth One Breath

Stephen Gottlieb

Stephen Gottlieb loved music. It was his passion. Had this gifted soul had more time in this world, his parents are sure he would have become a professional musician, and shared his creative spirit with so many.

Sadly, the husband and father of three passed away in 2008. It is thanks to Stephen’s love of music that his parents, Harold z”l and Sarah Gottlieb, established an endowment in excess of $10 million at Temple Israel to create two Cantorial Chairs and an annual summer concert bearing their son’s name.

With One Breath was fully underwritten through a generous additional gift from the Gottlieb family. It is our hope that this album keeps Stephen’s memory alive for our many Temple families for years to come, connecting them with his great passion: music.


Produced by Ari Posner
Co-produced by Cantor Michael Smolash

Recorded by Jacob Shives at Tempermill – Ferndale, MI

Mixed by Stephen Saputo

Mastered by João Carvalho at João Carvalho Mastering – Toronto, ON

Ari Posner - keys, synth, programming

Maya Grinboim - production coordinator


Cantor Michael Smolash
Cantor Neil Michaels
Rabbi Jennifer Lader
Congregational Soloist Emma Trivax
Jacob (Spike) Kraus

Rabbi Paul Yedwab (voiceover in Choneini)

Detroit Session

Danny Cox - drums, percussion
James Simonson - bass
Sonia Lee - violin, viola
Shawn McDonald - acoustic piano (Oseh Shalom & Haporeis Sukkat Shalom)
Bryan Pope - additional production, electric guitar
Jake Reichbart - acoustic guitar (Niggun B’nei Elyon)
David Denniston - french horn
Sue Mutter - french horn
Andrew Toering - cello
Jim Kissling, Matt Basner - additional engineers

Toronto session

Joel Schwartz - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin
Sara Traficante - recorder, celtic whistle
Aaron Lightstone - oud
Shira Zionce Toronto - production assistant

Tel Aviv session

Hezi Yakov - dumbek
Guy Landau - production, sound engineer


Album artwork designed and arranged by Marina Anselmi of Temple Israel
Album background image credits © art_of_sun / Adobe Stock

Hinei Ma Tov Video

Directed by Larry August of Avalon Films
Edited by Bill Riss

Thank you to

Once again to the Gottlieb family, Dr. Jen Green, Stephanie Michaels, The Temple Israel Rabbis, the Temple Israel Executive, Larry August, Bill Riss, Mike Mulliniks, Philippe Gozlan, Asher Fedi, Tal Mor, and all the generous donors who support music at Temple.


"Temple Israel’s new CD is filled with gorgeous music that will make your heart sing!"

- Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President URJ

"Good gravy! The folks at Temple Israel have really dialed in the goodness on this album. It's a beautiful collection of spiritual tunes and it's obvious that a whole mess of love went into it. I'm a fan."

- Joe Buchanan, Jewish Country Artist

"Wow! I cried a few tears of joy hearing your jubilant interpretation of our song! How good and how lovely ♥️ hope it brings happiness and joyous hearts and dancing feet! Mazal tov!"

- Danya Rivlin

"I am constantly humbled by the ripples of my work. This is one of those times. The extraordinary beauty of a new arrangement of my Haporeis Sukkat Shalom brought me to tears today. Thank you and bless you Cantor Michael Smolash, as well as your phenomenal colleagues, for this gift. And thank you for bringing my music to life in a brand new way. I love it so very much. I adore all of you. And I am truly grateful."

- Stacy Beyer

"Upbeat, down to earth holy melodies that are sure to bridge heaven and earth!"

- Craig Taubman, Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer

"'With One Breath' is a prayerful musical kaleidoscope of compositions that bring our ancient prayers from antiquity to modernity and back! Once again, the cantors and musicians of Temple Israel step forth as musical emissaries of the highest order! They so naturally combine exceptional vocal and instrumental prayer with the highest quality production value. This album leaves me speechless if not breathless."

- Cantor Mo Glazman, Congregation Emanu-El, NYC

"As a producer who has worked with major Israeli and American talent, it is such a blast to hear how With One Breath brings the best of both worlds together! The fire and ethnic depth of sefardic music is seamlessly fused with Motown muscle to splendid effect. If you want to hear the future of synagogue music, check out Barchu and Oseh Shalom from this landmark recording."

- Philippe Gozlan, Sound designer and composer for more than 2000 commercials, feature films and documentaries in Israel, Europe and USA

"I first listened to your album during my morning commute to work. For the first time ever, I yearned for a longer commute!! 'With One Breath' took me on an extraordinary journey of hope with it’s rich, imaginative, diverse, musical styles and breathtaking voices. 'With One Breath' is a beautifully crafted, deeply inspiring album."

- Laurie Akers - Composer, Recording Artist

“Sh’koyakh on some tasty ‘Newish Jewish’ music, chevremen of Temple Israel - it stirred our kishkas!”

Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion - YidLife Crisis

"I mean, whatever."

Ayla Smolash

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