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Temple Israel is pleased to announce that our new album from our Zipser Foundation Artist-in-residence Aaron Markovitz is now available at no charge right HERE, or wherever you listen to music. This exciting project provides a whole world of captivating worship music for our beloved community. 

The entire project was fully underwritten through a generous gift from the Zipser family. We know this engaging music will share their love of music with countless Temple families.

The Album

After completing his first year as our Zipser Foundation Artist in Residence, Aaron Markovitz has a full album of new music to share with the Jewish world.

Download and listen to Aaron’s stunning new album, all produced to the technical and creative excellence you have come to expect from a Temple recording. 

Listen to and download the full album at no charge below, or find it wherever you listen to music.








You can listen to the entire album here and download individual tracks to your computer or device (except for iPhone). Chrome users on PCs, Macs and Android devices can download the selected track by clicking the menu icon () at the top of the audio player.

You can also download individual tracks here and listen to the album using popular streaming services here.






  1. 01.Pursuers of Peace
    Aaron Markovitz
  2. 02.Hinei Ma Tov
    Aaron Markovitz
  3. 03.One by One
    Aaron Markovitz / Ashley Pyle
  4. 04.Come On Home
    Aaron Markovitz
  5. 05.Three Stones in the River (Shema)
    Aaron Markovitz
  6. 06.V'Shamru
    Aaron Markovitz
  7. 07.Stand in the Salvation
    Aaron Markovitz
  8. 08.Adon Olam
    Aaron Markovitz / Ashley Pyle


Download individual songs here. WAV files are larger but sound better. MP3 files are smaller and have a little less quality. On a PC, right click the files you want and click "Save link as..."

Song Better Quality Smaller File
Pursuers of Peace WAV MP3
Hinei Ma Tov WAV MP3
One by One WAV MP3
Come On Home WAV MP3
Three Stones in the River (Shema) WAV MP3
V'Shamru WAV MP3
Stand in the Salvation WAV MP3
Adon Olam WAV MP3


More ways to listen

Stream and download the tracks from your favorite music service


Behind the scenes

Check out our behind the scenes photos of the recording process HERE


Get the booklet (PDF format) with lyrics (in Hebrew and transliterated), pictures, the song list, credits and more!

  Open / Download PDF


Aaron Markovitz

Having been born and raised in the metro Detroit area, Aaron began his Jewish education at Temple Israel, making his tenure as the Burton A. and Sandra D. Zipser Foundation Artist in Residence more serendipitous and special. From picking up a guitar at 7 years old, he cut his teeth on the blues riffs of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and gained a formal music education from The Los Angeles Music Academy (now, the Los Angeles College of Music). As the years went by, Aaron listened and learned, honing, and growing his skills like a grapevine in every direction, and found his sweet spot nestled somewhere between Country and Bluegrass. He writes songs that harken back to the deep roots of American music but carry a contemporary flare. 

Now, thanks to the Zipser Foundation, Aaron has been able to bring his songwriting talents to the Jewish community, working closely with the Cantors and music team to create new music for the Jewish community, and to create musical Shabbat experiences at Temple's services. For his debut into the world of Jewish music, Markovitz has just released his first recording of original, joyful Jewish music, “An Infinite Wave”: a product of the last year spent composing original works and crafting brand new settings of liturgy and texts. Aaron states, “coming back to Temple Israel to work and to continue my Jewish education has led to a growth and deepening of my Jewish roots and identity, for which I am so grateful. With the release of “An Infinite Wave”, my journey begins to become an important voice in contemporary Jewish music and I’m so excited to see what the next chapter in my time with Temple Israel brings!”

 To find out more, inquire about booking and to stay updated on Aaron’s tour dates and new releases. Head over to his website 


Produced by Aaron Markovitz, Zipser Foundation Artist in Residence 

Co-Produced & Mixed by Jacob Shives, Tempermill Studios

Mastered by Jim Kissling

Executive Producer -- Maya Grinboim

lead Vocals

Aaron Markovitz, Zipser Foundation Artist in Residence

Cantor Michael Smolash

Cantor Neil Michaels

Group Vocals

Cantor Michael Smolash

Cantor Neil Michaels

Congregational Soloist Emma Trivax

Ashley Pyle 

Jason Dennie

Keith Billik


James Simonson - Electric Bass

Danny Cox - Drums and Percussion

Jason Dennie - Mandolin

Keith Billik - Banjo

Scott Kendall - Upright Bass

Bryan Pope - Electric Guitars

Aaron Markovitz - Acoustic Guitars, Electric Slide Guitar (“One by

John Bogdan - Piano, Rhodes

Loren Kranz - B3

Grant Flick - Fiddle

Thank you to

The Burton A. Zipser and Sandra D. Zipser Foundation, David Radner, Cantor Michael Smolash, Cantor Neil Michaels, The Temple Israel Music Team, Ashley Pyle, Maya Grinboim, The Temple Israel Rabbis, Staff and all the generous donors who support music at Temple.


"Just hearing the opening notes on Aaron Markovitz’s new album, An Infinite Wave, you know you’re in for something special.   The songs showcase Aaron’s exceptional musicianship and polished songwriting, with rich thought-provoking lyrics supported by beautiful arrangements somewhere at the intersection of Americana, country, bluegrass, folk, and Jewish music.  This album and this artist are destined for greatness."

- Sheldon Low, Artist/CEO Hallelu Music


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Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784