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Leading the way

Madrichim is the Hebrew word for guides, derived from the word derech which means route, path, or way of life. Madrichim are teen-aged leaders both inside and outside of the classroom - acting as role models for students and as assistants to our teachers. There is an 8th grade training course that prepares madrichim for the challenges of the classroom.


Experience what it feels like to be a link in our chain of tradition, teaching our stories, culture, history, and language to the next generation. Madrichim will have the opportunity to be real teachers in real classrooms, trained to work with children of various ages by our madrichim coordinator and clergy.


There’s something so special about being a role model. Our Religious School children look up to our Madrichim, building personal relationships that inspire them for years to come. Our Madrichim are the coolest, most creative, most exciting people in the world to our students, and we want YOU to join the team.


Whether you want to be a teacher, a social worker, a doctor, a rabbi, a writer, an engineer or anything in between, this is an invaluable experience for your future. Our Madrichim learn leadership skills, public speaking, how to work with people with special needs, pedagogy, listening skills, collaboration, and so much more. Our Madrichim are better equipped for high school and beyond because of their training and teaching, and it looks great on a resume!

To learn more about Temple Israel's Madrichim Program, please call 248-661-5725.

Tue, July 23 2024 17 Tammuz 5784