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Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 30 Minutes
Yield: 16 Tacos
Total Cost: $13.50

Perfect for Taco Tuesday or any day - a quick, kid-friendly shredded-chicken taco recipe!


1 cup Sweet onions, julienned
1 cup Sweet baby peppers, julienned
2.5# Chicken breast, split in halves
2 cups House made or jar salsa
3 Tbsp Avocado oil or vegetable oil
2 Tbsp Cumin, ground
1 tsp Oregano leaf, dry
1 Tbsp Fresh garlic, minced
½ cup Fresh cilantro, chopped
2 TBSP Kosher salt
1 qt Chicken stock
2 packs Preferred tortillas

  1. Sweat down the onions and baby peppers in the oil on low/medium heat in a small stock pot, enough to hold 4 qts. This will take about 5 minutes.
  2. When your onions are nice and soft, add the cumin, oregano, garlic and cilantro and stir until fragrant. Immediately after, add the remaining ingredients.
  3. Turn on low heat and let it simmer for 30 minutes with a top on the pot, or if you don’t have a top, wrap with foil tightly.
  4. After 30 minutes, turn off the heat and let the chicken rest for 5 minutes in the liquid. Then, remove the chicken with tongs and place on a plate, you can now take two forks and shred apart the chicken. Once the chicken is pulled apart, add it back into your tomato sauce and mix well. Adjust the seasoning as necessary, more salt is sometimes needed. Tacos are so much better when you toast the tortillas in a pan or if you have a flat griddle that will work, too.
  5. Now you’re ready to make tacos! Here are a couple of recipes (below) for super-fast blender salsas I make all the time. And, I usually serve my tacos with chopped onion, chopped cilantro, and fresh lime wedges.

Avocado Green Salsa

1/2 cup Sweet onions, chopped
1 cup Poblano peppers, seeded & chopped
1 tsp Fresh garlic, minced
1 cup Fresh tomatillos, halved
¼ cup Fresh lime juice
¼ cup Fresh cilantro, chopped
1 ea Fresh avocado
2 tsp Kosher salt
½ cup Water

Combine in a blender all together, adjust seasoning as needed.

Simple Salsa Fresca

4 Tbsp Sweet onions, small dice
2 cups Fresh tomatoes, small dice
1 Tbsp Fresh jalapeno, minced
2 Tbsp Fresh lime juice
1 Tbsp Red wine vinegar
2 Tbsp Avocado oil
¼ cup Fresh cilantro, chopped
2 tsp Kosher salt

Mix all together and adjust seasoning or spice level as needed.


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